November 3, 2006

My Elusive Basket of Gourds

Every year when fall rolls around, I look forward to collecting baskets of baby pumpkins and autumn gourds for our home and front porch. This year, trying to be frugal, I've been putting off buying them hoping a better deal will be around the corner, sometime, somewhere.

It's the 3rd of November now ... and there are still no baskets of gourds to cozy up our house. This means this weekend, there will be several trips to various farmers' markets around town and perhaps even a trip to the country to visit pumpkin patches and apple orchards. I will not be so picky with prices this time for fear Christmas will roll around before I even have a chance to enjoy ... fall.

Ahh ... my elusive basket of gourds. I should've grabbed you when I saw you last at Quincy Market in Boston.

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