December 11, 2008

is it winter yet?

Before we talk about winter, I'd like to share this one tip for all of us foodies out there. Never go to a Japanese restaurant without ordering tempura. That's my rule. Because the one dish that you can always count on to be conSIStently good, no matter where you're dining, is tempura. My favorites are zucchinis. They hit the spot every time!

It's been cloudy and cold all week and we (in the office) all wish it would just snow a good storm. That would make everyone so blissfully happy. We have this conversation about snow all the time in the elevator, and it always ends with ... "oh I wish it would snow a big one tonight!" Give us 2 feet of white fluffy flakes and a couple of days off to cocoon at home catching up on Netflix movies and magazines.

Last Sunday, I burned our last 3 logs of firewood trying to stay warm while working on the computer. I think winter is finally here ... time to take out the Christmas tree. I'm so late putting it up this year. December comes way too fast while I'm still in October mode.

December 5, 2008


Something so beautiful must be shared. Check out these gorgeous whimsical illustrations by eendar. :)