March 18, 2006

Cabbage Soup for the Soul

I love love love cabbage! Anything with cabbage in it, I eat! But my favorite cabbage meal of all is a simple cabbage & vegetables soup (and can be made with or without meat). It's the easiest thing to make and all within 10 minutes. Here's the recipe. You'll love it!

Sarah's Cabbage / Vegetables Soup Recipe

- 3 cans of chicken broth (or more depending on how many servings you need)
- some carrots
- some green onions
- lots of cabbage (and any other veggies you love)

Cut up the vegetables into bite size pieces. Boil chicken broth, and then add vegetables to pot. Simmer until vegetables are at a desired tenderness. Season with salt & pepper to your taste buds. Scoop into your favorite bowls and serve! (This is for 2-4 servings.)

If you prefer a bit more taste to this recipe, you can always cook some chicken or ground pork in the broth before adding the vegetables.