March 18, 2005

a lot like love

A Lot Like Love was the reigning movie when we hit LA this week. I love it because Amanda Peet's character is a photographer. Snapped this shot when we were on the hunt for the Hollywood sign photo-op spot. It was an unsuccessful attempt however. All we got out of that was a tummy full of delicious Pink hot dogs.

So welcome friends! This is where my blog starts. I'm brand new to blogging and need to find my way around. So far so good though. Writing this blog and taking pictures are mainly to help make-up for my quickly-fading memory. But I'm not worried about it, not really. Didn't Katherine Hepburn say "Happines is good health and a short memory"? Oh wait, it wasn't Ms. Hepburn. It was Ingrid Bergman. See what I mean?