June 13, 2008

LOOK3 in Charlottesville

I so wanted to have been there this year. This is the pain of having a 9-5 "job" that ties one to a cubicle.

June 4, 2008

Dove Revolution

Isn't this the COOLEST thing since Dunkin Donuts iced coffee? :)

Twirl Till Your Heart Drops & Funnel Cake Story

We were on our way back from Virginia Beach, all tired and sleepy and hungry. Up came the familiar debate of where to grab dinner, do you feel like Chinese? How about pizza? Or Vietnamese? Or plain old ramen noodle we already have at home? OMG! But look! There's a fair at the mall! Do you think they might have funnel cakes?! Do they? Mmmm ... I can't see any food stalls. Mmmm ... oh they do! I see funnel cakes!

Minutes later, we're walking the fair, a huge plate of funnel cake sprinkled generously with powdered sugar in one hand, a camera in another. Life is awesome like that! :)

To remind myself never to go on a certain ride again, I took a couple of snapshots of that nightmarish ride. If you can handle this ride, you're made of some really tough grass, dudes! :P