June 15, 2006

Michigan Wine Country

Today, my friends and I went on a road trip to visit a few Northern Michigan destinations, one of which is the wine country of Traverse City.

One of my friends is a wine connoisseur and he talked us into spending almost two days touring the vineyards of Traverse City. After driving for hours checking out all the vineyards, we arrived at the Chateau Chantal just in time for their Jazz at Sunset wine tasting event. I barely spent more than a few minutes there when I knew without a doubt that this was hands-down my most favorite vineyards of all. Their wines too were fabulous.

The sparkling cherry wine (my favorite!), the great live music, the gorgeous views over the valley and the lake beyond, the breathtaking sunset, the company ... all in all ... it was one of those very memorable evenings!

June 14, 2006

A Perfect Summer Afternoon on the Island

After a whole morning of walking and biking around Mackinac Island, my friends and I finally stopped for a late lunch. We were all starving by then, but with so many cool restaurants on Main Street alone, where to eat was not an easy decision. It never is for us anyhow deciding on where to eat or what to eat.

After strolling through a handful of restaurants, we decided on The Carriage House at the Hotel Iroquois, not knowing what a treat of a view would be waiting for us there. We had our delicious lunch on the hotel terrace looking out to beautiful Lake Huron. We relaxed, had a wonderful lunch, and congratulated ourselves on finding such a dreamy place to spend the afternoon.

It couldn't have been more perfect than that, that was until a garden snake chased by the hotel's staff slowly made his way across the lawn in front of our eyes. "Oh he's harmless and has been around for weeks! We've been trying to catch him, but hasn't had much luck!" Our server said.

I tried to avert my eyes back to the gorgeous view of the lake and ignore the goosebumps quickly popping up on my arms.

All in all ... that was a perfect summer afternoon!

June 13, 2006

Lilac Festival

Have you ever been to the Lilac Festival on Mackinac Island?! It's an event not to be missed! Just imagine ... everyone on the island and tourists from far away (such as me!) for ten whole days in spring gets together to celebrate the most beautiful, fragrant flowers (and my favorites) of all ... lilacs! This year, I was lucky enough to be visiting Mackinac Island in time to catch the tail-end of the festival. Better late than never! :O)

Just to give you an idea of what the Lilac Festival was all about, here's a schedule of events (in PDF) for the Lilac Festival this year (June 9-19, 2006)! Hope you'll get to see it next year!