November 6, 2008

how proud we are

... to be a part of all this.

(Video courtesy of my brother who lives in Brooklyn. This was filmed minutes after the news broke out that Barack Obama is now our President-Elect. Thanks bro!)

the prettiest small town in america

if you're ever in woodstock, vermont, pack a couple bottles of water, put on your best hiking shoes, and climb mt. tom. somewhere up there is the most beautiful view of the valley below, but of course it's all about the journey and not just the destination.

lucky me, i got to hike mt. tom with my friends one autumn afternoon last year. nothing like spending time in nature! it gives you a whole new perspective on things, and hands down the best way to destress. also, being in woodstock, "the prettiest small town in america" (according to ladies' home journal magazine) also helps!

happy hiking!

November 5, 2008

our new president-elect

... that we did it. Here's to the man who's united not just our country, but many others around the world. He makes me proud to be an American. First time ever there's a presidential-elect that I truly believe in. And that says a lot.

November 4, 2008

donut love

Just something to sweeten up a cloudy day. Mine had a rocky start this morning ... another fight with my mom. Hope yours is better!

"i am deeply humbled ..."

... by this this man.