September 24, 2006

Remembering Ginger

Here we are ... tiptoeing into autumn ... my favorite season. And autumn always reminds me of our little Ginger.

Don't get me wrong though. Ginger didn't belong to us. She was our neighbor's dog, gentle and sweet as could be! I took this picture of Ginger almost 2 years ago, as she was walking home from a nice stroll in the park with her mom. Ginger's previous owners had abandoned her in an empty house for over a month. Fortunately, Ginger's mom had found her at the pound shortly after, extremely shy, deeply malnourished and skinny to the bones. But in spite of all the bad things she had experienced, Ginger's gingery disposition made her the darling of our neighborhood. (We even secretly adopted her, but ... shhh... please don't tell her mom.)

Miss you Ginger. You're still our most favorite dog in town, and always will be.

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