June 23, 2009

an unplanned day off

Our front door lock broke and jammed this morning. We had to take a day off trying to fix it until we finally realized that a call to the locksmith was the best solution. The young locksmith came, spent almost two hours fiddling with the lock, broke it, got the door open, and installed a new lock for us. The entire time his two phones didn't stop ringing every 5 minutes. There must be so many people with broken locks out there today.

But out of all the trouble came something good (as it usually does). I get to stay home for a change! I love being home. All afternoon, I've been sitting on the deck enjoying the gorgeous early summer weather. The pond is splashing. The birds are chirping. Children are running happily on the playground. A cute couple are picnicking behind our house. Nice to camp out on the deck with my laptop working away. The best place to work away, I say. Life is good! :)

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