September 21, 2007

into the wild

Since today is Friday ... let's feature a movie for movie night!

My pick for this week is Seam Penn's "Into The Wild", recommended by my friend Ngocster. Not sure if it's playing at a theater near you yet, if not and you still want to check it out, Into the Wild, the bookhas been a bestseller for a long time now. The movie itself has also gotten rave reviews.

Btw, I've stumbled upon this fun widget that can feature all my favorite books, movies, DVDs, products, etc. It's scrolling on the right hand side of the page ... see?

Don't you just love widgets?!


Updates logged on Sunday, October 14, 2007

We saw the movie last weekend, and it's everything I expected plus more. Definitely a must see. Bring some kleenex though.


JonB said...

Sarah - have you seen the movie? I read the book several years ago. Very good. I saw Sean Penn and the kid star of the movie on Oprah - also excellent. It opens here this Friday.


sarah said...

Jon, I haven't read the book but it is on my reading list! Should I read it before seeing the movie?! (I heard the ending is sad.) :(

Katie S said...

Hi, Sarah! My name's Katie, and I'm a college student. You don't know me, but my mom and I have some pieces at Art and Soul. You were wondering where the art all comes from--well, here's one of the sources! My mom, Cindy, is a mixed-media artist, and I'm a writer, so we do a lot of collaboration. Feel free to check out her blog at

sarah said...

Thanks Katie for the heads-up! I'll hop on over and check out the link!