April 17, 2007

my afternoon in Stars Hollow

The crazy fan has gone and done it again! Last month while in L.A. for a brief few days, I twisted my friend's arms and made her do another tour of Gilmore Land with me for another unforgettable visit of Stars Hollow. It's our 2nd visit, but the excitement of being in Luke's Diner is still the same for us. Our tour group had 7-8 women ... all HUGE fans of "Gilmore Girls" so we begged our very nice tour guide to let us visit Stars Hollow and as many of its places as we could. He was so nice. He indulged us all! And let me tell ya ... nothing beats sitting at one of Lorelai's and Rory's favorite tables in Luke's Diner! Oh and if you're wondering if this crazy fan will ever get tired of walking the streets of Lorelai's and Rory's ... probably not!
More pics of Stars Hollow to come! Meanwhile tonight ... see you in Stars Hollow on CW @ 8:00PM! Tonight's episode is a "fresh" one!

Gilmore Girls is one of the all-time best family show on TV! It's one of the only two television shows that I must own DVDs of. (The other is Felicity. And that can be another whole subject for this blog!)

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