February 8, 2007


One weekend last month we celebrated my dad's birthday and hosted a fun baby ("girl") shower for my cousins. The best thing about these gatherings is ... they bring the whole family together. A rare treat!

Talk about treats, another treat I love is ... BetterPhoto.com. It has a host of great photography articles (packed full with tips and advice) and useful online courses, the short 4-week courses are more economical if you're worried about costs. Talk about online classes, I'm thinking of signing up for Camera RAW Processing. It just started yesterday so there's still time to enroll. :)

The best thing about BetterPhoto.com is that we can will learn so much from all the talented photographers out there, including from the pros.

Oh, and don't forget to visit their blog also.

And that's all I have to say about this ... for now. :)


Austin Girl said...

Hi Sarah, just "next blogging" around and found your space. love the photos. I to am a photo blogger, avid GG fan, lover of New England, and recently moved from DC to Austin TX.

Just wanted to say "hi." I am sure to book mark your page so I can come back to see more of your musings.


thuan said...

thanks for sharing *sarah*. i just found out about your blog from guess where, and this photo is simply marvelous. the lighting makes it special, and if i see you, i will spike a few jello shots for you ;)

Austin Girl said...

Sarah - thanks for the comment. I am not watching this season of GG. I just got hooked two years ago so I used my netflix adn rented all the past seasons, just got caught up and now I have to wait until this current season comes out on DVD in November...It is a crying shame! I am totally dying to know what's happening.

Tell me, are you a Dean, Logan, or Jess girl? What about a Christopher v. Luke girl.