April 19, 2006

dream a little dream for me

I love this image so much! It's amazing the beautiful things we can find when we take a walk around our neighborhood! It definitely pays off to always have my camera with me wherever I go (though that often annoys my friends and family).

Ahhh ... talk about camera, I'm currently admiring the works of photographer Ngoc Minh Ngo. Her pictures are in magazines everywhere. Martha Stewart Living even features in its May 2006 issue an article on Ngoc and her family (pp. 151-157). I'm so proud that this talented and amazing photographer is from my other beloved country VietNam!

Another talented photographer is Catherine Jamieson. Her book Create Your Own Photo Blog is finally published. My copy from Amazon arrived last week, and I'm vigorously reading it right now. The book also comes with a companion website ... all in all there's much to dig in! I walk to work it, eat with it, nap with it, and even watch American Idol with it! :O)

But for now, on with the dreaming ....

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